My husband Craig and I make our home in Riverside, California. We raised our two daughters here in a somewhat country environment, with Arabian horses and our beloved Bouviers.

How it all started:

In the 1970’s I was in my early twenties, attending college in Pomona, California, where I was working on my degree in Animal Science. I was required to do an internship with a large animal vet and then a small animal vet.

Within the first month working at the small animal clinic, I saw my first Bouvier. It was an instant attraction and connection. I did as much research as possible about the breed.

I learned as much as I could from those willing to share their knowledge with me.

Within a years time I had purchased my first dog. His name was George.

To this day I believe that I learned more from George, than any other dog since.

We have been blessed with many great dogs in the past 40 years, each dog possessing their own distinct personalities, assets and faults.

Our success in the breeding arena as well as the show ring is due in no small part to the many years of hard work and competence of those breeders who came before us.

For example: three Dutch kennels with whom, over the years, we have been fortunate enough to build relationships and purchase dogs from in order to blend our own, to form what is the basis of Vanleighof stock.

  • 1st - The Van Dafzicht Kennel, THE premier Bouvier kennel in Holland with a rich history, and one of the founding members of the Netherlands Bouvier club. This breeding program was started by Coen Semler in the 1930’s.  Three generations later they are still breeding great dogs. 
  • 2nd - The Grendarcohof Kennel, where some of the most influential dogs of the 1980’s and 90’s came to be imported into the States. Dogs that made significant contributions to our pedigrees, and to many others.
  • 3rd - The Van Rovika Kennel from whom we imported as well with great success.

When you browse through our pedigrees you will see the names of each of these Kennels along with some prominent kennels here in the States, like the Galbraith kennel that produced the top winning Bouvier of all time, AM CH Galbraiths Ironeyes.   You will also see individuals from the Quiche kennel in Canada.

In early 1997 two good friends Bobbi Feinstein and Jan Sandquist accompanied me to the Netherlands where we visited the three kennels mentioned above. We purchased, in partnership, from two of the kennels with outstanding results. Many of our top winning dogs have come down the lines of the individuals that we brought home from that trip.

We believe that it is important to reach outside of our own pedigrees from time to time in order to keep the gene pool strong and healthy.

We try to keep in mind the purpose of the breed whenever planning a litter.

My first thought when studying any Bouvier for the first time, is first and foremost“Could this dog do the job it was bred to do?”

We strive for happy healthy, physically and temperamentally sound individuals.

Within the Hippocratic Oath there is a line that in essence says “above all do no harm”.  We believe that to apply here as well.

We feel fortunate to have these dogs in our lives.  

Thank you for coming to visit!

Craig & Sheila Hoffman

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