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Test: OFA #:
CERF BF-1653
Cardiac BF-CA1632/15F/P-PI-ECHO
Hips BF-5782F26F-PI
Elbow BF-EL1834F26-PI
Thyroid BF-TH656/14F-PI


My Granddaughter Lauren is pictured above with one of the Peeze puppies and my Grandson Jake is pictured below with the babies.

This past month we have had the pleasure of watching one of natures most beautiful things happen. Jewel was bred to Skor but only one pup. His name is Bravo. 

My good friends Judy and Larry Kasper bred one of their females Peeze, to TJ. she was due about 3 weeks later. As happens sometimes she had to have her pups via c-section.  Being a maiden, she was confused and was unable to feed her pups following. Judy had been quite ill, and Larry was working very long hours. Since Jewel was still nursing her boy, I decided to offer to attempt to put Peeze's 6 pups with Jewel. I figured that it was worth trying, and if she wouldn't accept them at least we will have tried. Then we would have bottle fed, etc. I had just begun to feed Bravo some solid food, but of course he still needed his mother as well. 

So... We brought the 3 day old pups over and carefully introduced each one to Jewel. She immediately began licking and cleaning each one as it was presented. We put her into her whelping box with all the pups, and she took over from there. We did move Bravo out, as she kept warning him away from the little ones. Which , of course she was right about, since he is so much bigger, and more developed. We set him up in a pen next to her, and she moves from one pen to the other first to feed, clean and play with him and then back to the other pen to gently care for "her" newborns.  

 Bravo is now 6 weeks old and the little ones will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Jewel has remained the consummate mommy for all of the pups. Instinctually providing for both age groups as needed.  Her physical care has been of utmost importance of course, we have been careful to provide for her needs to help her with this incredible task. I am honored that I have been able to witness this beautiful example of nature at its best.


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