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JUNE 13, 2001 – MARCH 13, 2007

As I sit here trying to write this, I still can not believe that this has happened to you, my beautiful girl. My heart is so broken by your absence. Every day activities only serve to remind me that you are gone.

Today 2 months after you left, there are still more questions then there are answers.  I also realize that even with answers,

You are not coming back.


You were the only girl in a litter of 6, and you ruled right from the start.

 You were willful and mischievous.

You began your show career at our local specialty, where several people had a go at trying to get you around the ring, and then stand for presentation.  It looked as though we might never get it done.

When all was said and done however, “mommy, sue” had a little more will then you that day, and we all had a good laugh.

I personally think you enjoyed it more than anyone.

 As time passed, you became very fond of showing and just being amid all the activity.

Usually, at least two of your brothers were right there with you. On one occasion, you and four of your litter mate brothers, all of you champions stood in the ring together; it was a wonderful experience for us all.

In your last year of showing, you spent a great deal of time with your best friend peter. It was heart warming to watch you with him, you loved him so, and he loved you. You were as much a part of Peter and Valerie's family as you were ours.

After your final outing to the national, you came home to raise a litter of pups.  You gave to us such a beautiful litter, all sound and healthy.

Through these beautiful babies, and your two older daughters, you will continue to contribute to your breed. 

I am ever grateful for the moments of joy that you gave by just being your funny little self. 

 You were a kind and beautiful being.  I miss you now and I will miss you always.


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