This puppy left for the Netherlands by March 7/07. We have followed his ongoing  developments ever since. If you look at his pedigree, which is Flash and Lilly, you will see why he is such a good choice for the Dafzicht kennel.  So much of his blood is their history.

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Family photo from the Dutch Specialty
From left to right above: Annie Krah-Semler, Heinze Krah, Annemarie holding BOB winner Amber Daisey Van Dafzicht, Leo (owner of Nelson) and Gerry Krah (co-owner of Nelson) and of course Nelson (Best Male - equivelent to Best Opposite)
Nelson and Annie Krah-Semler are pictured above
Nelson is pictured above February 8, 2008 winning Best Male & Best Of Breed at the age of 13 months

    Nelson is pictured above @ 3 days of age

Nelson is pictured above @ 3 weeks Nelson is pictured above @ 6 weeks
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