APRIL 3, 1996 TO OCTOBER 29, 2007

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Someone once said to me that it was pure luck that we were able to acquire Shari. I felt a bit defensive about that, since I felt that our research of bloodlines and type had led us to her.

While we had seen many prospects during our visit to Holland,  Once I saw her make and shape along with the pedigree that would work so well with what we had at home, my mind was made up. This 13 month old female was the one I needed to come home with.

Then there were negotiations.  Heinz, Annie and Gerry of Van Dafzicht were very aware of her potential.  They had to make a decision about whether they wanted to hand that over to someone else. 

She was beautiful, energetic and kind, yet definitely, the “top Dog” here.

An R.O.M producer with 15 champions to her credit, she has grand children and great grandchildren who are lighting up the” leader boards” as well. 

She has contributed so much to our breed not only for our own breeding program, but for many others, here in the US, in Canada, as well as Holland, Sweden, Norway and even in Hong Kong. She produced so beautifully with each male to whom she was mated.

Her influence is present in the show ring now, and will continue to be, for generations to come.

For the past ten and a half years Shari has been a brightly burning light in our lives. One of a kind, and oh so silly. She is painfully missed each day.  So, in reality it is absolutely true we have been purely lucky.

To Heinz, Annie and Gerry, we know you are as proud of her as we are, and, for the privilege of allowing us to share our lives with Shari,

 We Thank You!

 Sheila, Jan and Bobbi

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